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Student Referral Program

Your Recommendation Matters

Our students and alumni are our best ambassadors as they have first-hand experience of the caring, convenient and career-focused environment that Indira School of Business Studies PGDM (ISBS PGDM) strives to provide.

Student Referral Program

By sharing your experience at Indira School of Business Studies PGDM with a friend or relative you can inspire and motivate someone to join you in realizing their full potential! We encourage all students and alumni of ISBS PGDM to take pride in your accomplishment and invite someone you know, to take part in our Student Referral Program

Student Referral Program
Student Referral Program

The Student Referral Program is easy and convenient. Simply provide our admissions staff with basic student contact information using the referral form provided below and we’ll take it from there. Admissions staff will follow up with the student you’ve referred and provide them with information on applying or transferring from another institution.

What is the Process?

Referring student of ISBS PGDM will complete the online form. The referral student (new student) as well as the referring student will receive an email confirmation of the submitted referral form after the admission committee verifies that the referral student has not enquired earlier or has already not applied with ISBS PGDM at the point of time referral was made. If you are referring multiple students, please fill the form separately for each student.

Criteria & Rules:

  • Program is open to the current students and alumni of ISBS PGDM.
  • Applicants cannot refer themselves.
  • The referred student (new student) must enroll within 12 months of the referral form being received by the ISBS PGDM admission team.
  • Referral forms will not be processed if the institute has an earlier enquiry or application from the referred student (for any intake or program and from any source).
  • Institute may or may not reply / confirm back to the referring student in case the university already has an earlier enquiry or application from the referred student. In such cases the referring student should consider that the referred student enquiry or application was already with the institute.
  • If more than one referral is received for a prospective student, the first one received will be recognized. There is no limit on the total number of referrals which a student or alumni of ISBS PGDM can make. After the referral student takes the admission and completes 1st year fee payment, the referring student/Alumni of ISBS PGDM receives the incentive.

All correspondence in this regard should be made only by email at admissions@indiraisbs.ac.in. Alternatively, you can speak with our Manager-Admissions, Mr. Ashish Sharma (9691910546) in case of any query.

The decision of the admission committee will be final in the above respect including Referral eligibility.


If the potential student applies and enrols in PGDM program at Indira School of Business Studies PGDM and pays the 1st year fee, you will become eligible to an incentive of INR 25000 per confirmed admission and a certificate of “Indira Admission Buddy” by the hands of Group Director, Prof. Chetan Wakalkar.

Student Referral Form

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