Sports Activity

Rannbhumi 2017

As rightly said by John Wooden “Sports do not build character, they reveal it”, Indira School of Business Studies celebrated and gave an opportunity to the students to reveal theirs in its annual Sports event “Rannbhumi 2017” conducted on 4th and 5th March 2017. The event was organized by the members of the sports committee “Invictus” headed by Prof. Tausif Mistry.

This year’s Rannbhumi in accordance with the tradition that was started last year started with faculty sports events on 3rd March 2017. The fitness of the faculties was tested and surprisingly there were many faculties who lived up the challenge. There were games like Tug of War where the faculties had to use their entire might to defeat their opponent faculties which eventually resulted in huge bursts of laughter all across.

There were a host of games which were played on the INS ground in the scorching heat of May ranging from the all – time popular games: Soccer and Cricket to indoor games like carom, table tennis and chess.

There were participation from all the divisions of PGDM and MBA of Indira School of Business Studies. The MBA students were the winners in the overall event and proudly displayed their medals and trophy in the presentation ceremony.

The entire campus was abuzz with music, fun and cheering up the respective divisions by the students. The 2 day event concluded with Prize distribution on Monday evening and along with medals, trophies there were lot of pleasant memories to be carried along with each of the witnessing soul.

Looking forward to an even grander “Rannbhumi 2018”.

 Inter-college volleyball tournament

SBS won the Inter-college volleyball tournament organized by DY Patil college on 8th, 9th & 10th Feb 2017 . There were total of 6 matches played and our team emerged victorious every single time they entered the battle-field. They defeated the host DY Patil in the semi-finals and beat Balaji Institute in the finals to bring home the coveted title.
Congratulations team..

T-20 Cricket Tournament 

“The More Difficult the Victory, The Greater The Happiness In Winning” – The words said by Pele still echo in our minds and hearts and a living example of this is our college cricket team.

ISBS actively supports and nurtures the students for Inter College Participation and provides a platform for showcasing their talent.

Outdoor Management Training

With the civilization of the human race and the ever evolving technology, we have moved from the great outdoors to the confines of the walls that we have built, though the confinement has offered us safety, it has robbed us of the teachings of Mother Nature.

In a bid to catch up with the lessons lost in the rat race, ISBS organizes Outdoor Management Training every year for its students.

This year also, ISBS had organized an Outdoor Management Training an entire day’s program on 16th July 2016 at its Mass communication and INS campus which was attended by all the PGDM students and managed by the trainer with inputs from the faculties.

The value of OMT and the games played by the students lies in the experiential learning which the games provide engaging the entire human senses. The briefings and the de-briefings help the students in learning the all important lessons taught and inculcate in them the ability to think and apply these lessons in another situation which is their Work-place.