FDP on Structured Experiential Learning

A two day FDP on Structured Experiential Learning was conducted for the faculty of ISBS on 21 and 22nd Dec 2019 by Pegasus Institute of Excellence at their campus in Kamshet. The FDP was an outbound learning experience for the faculty. Structured Experiential Learning (SEL), part of which is Outbound Learning (OBL), is based on the popular axiom “experience is the best teacher”. It integrates variety of fun-filled activities that simulate real (work)-life situations and is conducted in a controlled, risk- free and non-threatening environment. SEL is also a method that simulates experiences and creates opportunity for learners to discover, comprehend/understand and alter/develop attitudes and behaviours. Most competences (attitude and behaviour) are unconscious and this learning methodology helps in sensitising learners to their competences or the lack of them. Pegasus institute conducted a number of experiential learning activities on self-learning, leadership, team work and team bonding through games. In all, it was a great learning experience for the faculty of ISBS.


FDP on Statistical Tools/Techniques

A two day FDP on Statistical Tools/Techniques was conducted by Dr Abhilas Pradhan for the faculty of ISBS on 24th June and 1st July 2019 at ISBS campus. The FDP covered statistical tools such as T-Test, Chi Square, Anova, Correlation and Regression. Trainer explained this Statistical tools with practical examples on SPPS software in computer lab. The Trainer also covered business problems from Marketing, Finance and HR areas. The business problems were solved by applying this Statistical tools. The FDP was well received by the ISBS faculty.

Workshop on Self Needs Assessment

A two day Workshop on Self Needs Assessment was conducted by Prof. Hema Anand for the faculty of ISBS on 27th and 28th June 2019 at ISBS campus. The facilitation workshop covered Harvard’s Leaders of Learning Program. Trainer explained Doughnut Strategy and four Quadrants with practical examples/videos and how effectively we can engage students in classroom. The Trainer also covered Self Needs Assessment through TIP tool. Various etiquette of Email, Cubicle, Telephone, and Professional Appearance were discussed during the session. Interesting Management games based on communication, team work were conducted during this two days.

Workshop On SPPU MBA New Syllabus Orientation

MBA Department of Indira School of Business Studies has arranged a workshop on SPPU MBA New Syllabus Orientation for the faculty of ISBS, IGBS and ICEM at ISBS Campus on 22nd April 2019. The new syllabus will be implemented from the academic year 2019-20. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Shailesh Kasande, a man who had been part of new syllabus development. He explained newly introduced Outcome Based Education system. He explained the basic structure of the new syllabus. In the new syllabus, 5 major specialisation and 3 minor specialisations have been developed as per requirement of the industry.   The speaker discussed enrichment courses, fundamental courses and Alternative Study credit courses. Comprehensive Concurrent Evaluation was also explained to the faculty. New features like Rubrics system, Start Up: Launching and Sustaining Program were explained to the faculty. In all, it was a great orientation to all the faculty members of IGI.

FDP on Design Thinking

Indira School of Business Studies Research Cell had organised faculty development program (FDP) on Design Thinking for the faculty of Indira School of Business Studies for two days on 30th and 31st march 2019 at Hotel Orritel, Talegaon, Pune. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Kaustubh Dhargalkar, a renowned expert on the subject. Design Thinking is a design methodology that provides a solution-based approach to solving problems. He explained the concept of design thinking with the help of real life case studies. The workshop covered topics such as last mile user connect, empathy and business strategy, design brief, developing analogies from unrelated sector, shift lane etc. The whole process of design thinking from learning from people, design brief, creating analogies, ideation, and implementation was explained with real life case studies. He also explained how research can be made interesting through gamification. The design thinking process was then applied to most important issues like research, discipline among students. In all, it was a great learning experience for the faculty of Indira School of Business Studies, Pune.

External Faculty Development Programme

External FDP for ISBS Faculty was conducted on 26th November 2018 at Prathemesh Resorts, Salawade, Pune from 9 am to 6 PM. The day started with a guest session on Connect Quotient by Ms. Shalaka Raichura. She conducted outdoor games for faculty on Coordiation, Goal Setting, Leadership, Communication. It was well received by faculty. She also explained the importance of connecting with people through role play. In the afternoon session, Faculty engaged in adventure activities like Rapelling, Zip Line, Wall Climbing, Crossing the nylon Bridge. Indoor games like Table Tennis, Carom, and Snooker were also played by Faculty. The external FDP was a learning and fun adventure for the faculty.

Faculty Development Programme – TIFF

An interactive workshop/FDP organized for all the faculty members of ISBS on 12th July 2017 by Prof Shikha Sindhu – Certified Trainer – TIFF- Temple Index of Functional Fluency. Faculty members actively participated in the discussion on  important behavioral aspects and methods of maintaining the balance between personality treats and professional behavior . Lot of learning took place through activities like role plays, games and skit performances.


ISBS conducted a Faculty Development Program on SPSS on 30th June, 2017 for its faculty members. The training program was beneficial for academicians and research scholars in the field of management and social sciences.

The program had the following objectives:

  • To acquaint participants with SPSS software.
  • To provide hands on experience on SPSS procedure for data entry, manipulation, screening and testing of assumptions before analyzing the main data.

The training was attended by 20 faculty members. The facilitator was Dr. Abhilas Pradhan-Associate professor at ISBS.

Massive Open Online Course

FDP on MOOC (Massive Open Online Course): An internal FDP was conducted on 27th July, 2017 by Research Cell on MOOC. The resource person was Dr. Yogesh Daudkhane. He outlined the importance of online courses for faculty as well as students. There are various websites which provide these courses for free. To name few are Edx, Udemy etc.

Dr. Shraddha Kulkarni also introduced SWAYAM i.e. website by HRD of India, which provide free courses for all starting from class 9th to Post Graduate. These courses are available on various subjects and are delivered by reputed faculties from IITs, IIMs and other Institutions. ISBS has included MOOC in its teaching methodology.

Gallup Survey & Counselling” Workshop

ISBS organized “Gallup Survey & Counselling” Workshop on 2nd & 3rd May, 2017 for faculty members. The objective of the Workshop was to find out signature strengths of each participant and guide them how to use these strengths for meeting their own career goals along with the organizational goals.

The workshop was based on Clifton Strengths’ Survey which believe that each person is a bundle of some unique strengths which can be developed and used further to uplift their performance and different core strengths of people can be combined to create great teams leading to organizational excellence.

The trainer of the workshop was Mr. Shantanu Sen Sharma who is Chief Mentor and Co-Founder of Ozone Education Consultancy – a company aimed at increasing competence, skills and employ ability of professionals and students. He is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.

FDP on “HR Analytics”

“Every teacher needs to improve, not because they are not good enough, but because they can be even better”-  Dylan Wiliam
In pursuit of ISBS endeavour of continuously developing its faculties, HR Department conducted an internal FDP on “HR Analytics” on March 31, 2017. The resource person was Ms. Saryu Sahajpal, a corporate Trainer and Consultant. It was an interactive session which would help the faculties in adding value to their work by analysing and interpreting data with sound reasoning and logic.