Anti-Tobacco Campaign

ISBS students took part in Anti-Tobacco Drive for creating awareness about harmful effects of Smoking and Chewing Tobacco. They communicated their messages thru posters in English and Hindi.

ISBS Felicitation by Navkshitij NGO

Navkshitij a NGO caring for mentally challenged friends felicitated Indira School of Business Studies. ISBS students and faculty have supported Navkshitij in their various activities aimed at improving the lives of mentally challenged friends.

Clothes Donation

Students, Faculty and Director of ISBS undertook a Clothes donation drive. Clothes were collected by the students and given to Goodwill Foundation for distribution to needy members of the society.

Paper Bag making Activity

Students undertook an activity for making Paper bags. This was needed to have a suitable substitute for plastic bags. This activity of the students was aimed at reducing the harmful effects of Plastic pollution.

Visit to Prerna Bhavan

Students visited Prerna Bhavan a NGO caring for physically and mentally challenged friends. They sang songs and played games with these special friends. They gifted some pastries and chocolates to them.

Marathon by Cybage

Students and Faculty participated in the Marathon organized by Cybage company. The Funds raised by this Marathon were to be used for improving the lives of people living in remote villages.

Sant Moni Baba Vriddh Anand Ashram’s Ghazal Program

Students and Faculty supported and managed the Ghazal program organized by Sant Moni Baba Vriddh Anand Ashram. Students managed the tickets sales, registrations, snacks distributions and overall activities for smooth flow of this event. The funds raised from this event were to be utilized for old people’s daily needs and health care.

Inter School Drama Competition for Mentally Challenged Friends

Students and Faculty supported the unique Inter School Drama Competition organized by Navkshitij NGO. This drama competition was for Mentally Challenged friends. Over 150 friends from over 12 schools participated in this competition. Our students managed the event by taking care of the various activities for smooth flow of the event.

Street Play and Walkathon by Special Friends

Our students and Faculty participated in the Street Play and Walkathon for Mentally Challenged friends. This was organized by Navkshitij NGO. The theme for the event was save environment, control water, air, noise and plastic pollution.

Visit to Madhur Bhav Old Age Home

A visit was made to Madhur Bhav Old Age by the students and Faculty. The students interacted with the senior citizens and sang songs for them. They were active listeners to the Sher Shayaries and experiences of these old members.