The Programs Offered

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

The PGDM Program is approved by AICTE. PGDM is a two years full time program comprising of four semesters.

Specialization offered in PGDM Program is Marketing, Finance and Human Resource Management. Each functional specialization articulates a wide choice of electives such as Banking and Financial Services and Pharma Management which provide flexibility in course selection and prepares students for placement in their choice of Industry Sector. Aided by modern communication and information technology, PGDM at ISBS has a high operational efficiency and effectiveness. The flexibility afforded to the PGDM program keeps the students abreast of the trends in the field of business and assures greater articulation of the same. Student with any stream of graduation can pursue PGDM Program.

The assessment for PGDM Program is Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS) and its assessment is captured through Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).

Students from various academic backgrounds are eligible for admission to this course. Hence, in the first semester of the program students are exposed to the various fundamental concepts of Management.  Along with the various fundamental concepts of management the student is also given exposure in the   areas of Accounting, Statistics and Quantitative Techniques, Business Law, Communication Skills, Economic Environment of Business.  Additionally, the skill based subjects such as Personality Lab, Language Leadership Lab., IT Lab, to name a few, help to enhance students’ managerial skills.

Specialization starts in the second semester where the student learns about the functional area of their choice in detail. The specializations offered are Marketing, Finance and HRM.

At the end of the first year, the students are required to undertake project work assignment in an organization. The project assignment is intended to give the students an opportunity to sharpen their knowledge and skills in their selected Industry Sectors of Business and also serves as a stepping stone for their final career. The Project Work Assignment is of 60 days duration and a detailed project report of dissertation is submitted for full grade evaluation at the start of the second year.

The course outline for PGDM follows a choice based credit system. Essentials in management are delivered through core courses. Electives in specialization core courses offer the student an opportunity to choose inputs to design their career by focusing on higher end inputs from the sector or functional combination. The course design provides students the opportunity to gradually build competence in verticals such as Sales; Consultancy; Projects; Analytics or Market Research, by choosing the connected subjects and they also get an opportunity to select cross functional electives.

Continuous Evaluation of students forms an integral part of the curriculum.  Forty percent of the evaluation is done on a continuous basis and sixty percent is devoted to semester end assessment.

Course Outline*

Programme Structure PGDM

Core Courses 7 5 4 1 17
Specialization Core Courses 4 4 3 11
Elective Courses 3 2 2 2 9
Total no of Courses 10 11 10 6 37
Credits 26 28 29 17


Each Student has to complete 100 Credits to qualify for certification in the following manner

  • 17 Core Courses amounting to 43 Credits are compulsory for all students regardless of specialization
  • Student would opt for specialization in the II semester and has to complete all the 11 core specialization courses amounting to 33 Credits
  • The remaining 24 credits he/she has to complete by opting for the specified no of electives from the set of electives being offered