Students Testimonials

Name : Kumari Purvi
Specialisation: Marketing
Company:  Deloitte India. 
Batch: 2017- 2019

Being in Indira has been a life changing journey for me. I have witnessed an all round development in my personality, confidence and my knowledge. My entire stay in this college has been magical as I got several opportunities to project and enhance my skills all together. The entire teaching fraternity had been immensely supportive. Before getting into this college, I had several insecurities regarding my confidence, communication skills and general awareness, fortunately each and every parameter was taken care of quite well. Ozone and CLDP sessions were of great help. I indulged myself in different competitions such as debates, extempore and business quizzes which bore fruit during the placement season and I ultimately landed my dream Job in Deloitte India (Office of the US). Not to forget, the pedagogy followed by the faculty members was highly comprehensive and dynamic which gave me a better understanding of the subjects being taught. I would always be grateful to all the pillars and elements of this college who truly contributed towards enriching my personality and helping me accomplish my goals and aspirations.


Name-Runa Prasad
Specialisation: Marketing
Company: HDFC Bank
Batch 2017-19

When I was on the look-out for a professional college to pursue my masters, I was sure about the course but not about the college and today after 2 years of being in Indira School of Business Studies, I will only say that I do not regret being a part of it. It has not only given me the theoretical knowledge of management concepts but has changed my overall perspective of the corporate world. Now I have an altogether different perspective of seeing the world. Within these 2 years, I have become a better person with clear professional and personal views. And I have to thank ISBS for it all. The entire ISBS family, the management, the faculties, the staff, my colleagues and the environment for self-development has helped me to groom myself from the inside out. I have learnt a lot, enjoyed myself to the core, made friends for life and now have been placed confidently. Overall the experience of being here will stay with me forever and I am definitely going to miss this wonderful phase of my life.


Name-Linson Thomas
Company- HDFC Bank
Batch 2017-19

Born in Kerala, spoiled by love of Grandparents for three unforgettably beautiful years. Post which I was moved to Mumbai along with my Parents which made a drastic change in my life. When in Kerala I was the King but now in Mumbai I was under the reign of the King ”Thomas K George”, my dad and the Queen “Elizebeth Thomas”, my mom. From “Sugham aano” to “Kasa Kai”, I was very excited with this change in my life but the sudden emptiness inside me, made me feel so lonely that from a notorious kid I became a sociopath, until the new heir of the dynasty, my brother, “Binson Thomas” came into the picture of my Life and filled that gap just with his presence. His presence brought that old Linson back.

Raised eccentrically in a Malayali Pentecostal family, I had however become an outgoing person the one who get along with people very easily, during my schooling I was always up with various shenanigans rolling over my sleeve. I completed my graduation in commerce from my hometown Mumbai and then did a diploma course in travel and tourism which gave me an opportunity to explore new places as a Tour Manager in locations like Jordan, Israel and Egypt. Which made me experience various diversities that each city in the world possess. This was when I met a person who made me realize that I had in built qualities of a manager, all I had to know is how to manage those qualities. That person was no one else but the holy spirit of God.
We live on a blue planet that circle around a ball of fire next to a moon that moves the sea and yet we don’t believe in miracles. Well for me I was right at the gate of Miracles – Indira School of Business Studies (ISBS), Pune. The smallest positive movement will have an incredible impact, creating a ripple effect into other areas of your life. Make that little upgrade and open yourself up to new possibilities was my first learning at ISBS. One thing I knew then was that whatever I did I had to be the best.

Well for everyone Indira School of Business Studies, Pune opened its gate on 8th June, 2017 but for me the gate of dreams escalated on 11th July, 2017. Guest Lectures, classes, presentations, cultural events, winning skits, sports competitions, etc. flooded my way but the ice breaker was becoming a member of Sports Committee. Hosting events, conducting Saturday sports, becoming a member of discipline Committee kept me going. I enjoyed each responsibility bestowed upon me by the faculties. Having faith in myself and considering the faith that others had in me, I decided to nominate myself as the member of Student Council. Coming to know that I am the newly elected Vice President of Indira School of Business Studies was the proudest moment for me at Indira.
Life was swinging through academics and responsibilities of a Vice President while still having healthy reminders of my summer internship at HDFC Bank, Sion. This port giant gave the verdict why customers are eccentric for a business and this learning was colossal. A lifetime experience was wrapped in 2 months and I stood at the gates of a lifetime change- 3rd August, 2018 when I received a mail for Pre Placement Offer at HDFC Bank. I look forward to this journey in the corporate world for which I have walked through the gates of ISBS.

April I bid farewell to this place which jostled me through and questioned about every decision but by the end of it you’ll realize that the opportunity for magic exists in every part – each dot – of the way. When we are curious and open hearted, we remind ourselves of the hidden arrangement and alignment of divine possibilities and often in those moments of receptiveness, we are blessed to witness the dots connect. Always rekindle a belief that you are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop!


Sushmita Kumari
Company- Amazon
Batch 2017-19

Education has always been a blessing. Learning depends on the person who is amenable to gain knowledge. My journey in Indira School of Business Studies was with lots of ups and downs which lead to tremendous learning. The college brings good companies like Deloitte, Amazon, IKEA, HDFC Bank and many more amongst which Amazon offers the highest CTC of 13.8 Lakhs per annum. I believe getting placed in Amazon was totally because of my hard work and struggles.
Indeed hard work pays off. The internal faculties like Suhas Mekhe, Baggirathi Iyer, Sarita Aggarwal, Anagha Bhope, Rohan Das are really supportive. It was a blessing to have a mentor like Suhas Sir and HOD Baggirathi Ma’am. They were guardians to me who not only taught the subjects well but also supported in all the adversity that I had. College is blessed with extremely knowledgeable faculties like Prof. Anagha Bhope and Prof. Sarita Aggarwal. Anagha Bhope Ma’am is a wonderful faculty with amazing subject knowledge. If you are interested in learning something related to the subject but not in the syllabus, she is the right person. She is a gem of ISBS.

Apart from the internal faculties, ISBS has got amazing visiting faculties with amazing teaching skills and knowledge. Faculties like Prof Sudhir Majumdar, Prof. Abhijeet Survepatil, and Prof. Arjun Panchal are the faculties who never used any book to teach, their knowledge is not limited to the subject.

Prof. Abhijeet Survepatil and Prof. Arjun Panchal are the two successful entrepreneurs and if you wish to be an entrepreneur, their guidance will make you cherish your dreams and your journey motivating you to accomplish your goals.
Another important member of College is Chanakya sir, the placement dean, who is always there for your queries regarding the companies for placement. The college is incomplete without him.

The college does a lot of extracurricular activities which will enhance your personality.
My personal experience says, “It’s good to have good college but it’s a blessing to have wonderful faculties.” Seek for knowledge, and you shall be encroached by the success. Believe in your hard work, be patient and seek knowledge, that’s how success follows.


Name-Vaishali Bhandari
Specialisation- Marketing
Company – SAP India
Batch 2017-19

This is to express my heartful gratitude for the support, affection, valued advice by all the teachers, mentors, sports committee, Miss Madhuri maa’m , Chanakya Sir and last but not the least CDP classes by Rohit Sir during my Post graduation studies.

Todays I am here with the blessings, support from my parents and all the teachers who have been the part of my journey for these 2 years of my post-graduation.
I believe that the value that is been added through the academic sessions , guest session, sports activities , news analysis classes, ppt presentation and marketing club activities , debate competition, personal interview and group discussions have actually helped me a lot in overall development. The India preneurer event by (Tausif Sir) guidance had actually helped to showcase my ability and help facing real life challenges that we would be facing in mere future.
The taste of corporate life could be best experienced through CDP classes, ie the content , the books and all the skills that I have learned are actually very fruitful. In sir words its always you win or learn, you never lose…

All I could say is that be motivated always and have focus (Lakshay). Remember your parents have invested their dreams in you so make them and the college proud.
I wish Indira school of Business studies with mundane success and pleas le e e know if I can be a great help in future.


Yogesh Bhangale

The college had very good teachers, some of them were excellent in their field and they played important role in contributing to my growth as an individual. With good batch mates and being part of so many projects and presentations, it surely increased my did change my personality on the a student earlier I was not very outgoing by nature. But Indira changed all that.


Yatish Bhat

My 2 years of journey in Indira School of Business Studies can be described in two words “Simply Superb” yes; this was my experience in the Indira School of Business Studies. My experience of getting placed in Mother Diary was great. Despite of economic slowdown the institution was successful in recruiting the students in a large number. When I first came to this institution I was in dilemma whether I would become a business graduate but ISBS cleared my doubt right from the induction program that this institution will make me employable in a very good company and my choice of getting into this institute was correct. The curriculum of this institute is better than most of the B-School. Faculties were encouraging and were ready to help any time. Those who failed to achieve something in the past can come to this institution to start new life.

Vinay Bhatt

ISBS gave me an opportunity to explore myself. It provided me the best learning environment for the development of management skills. I grew as an individual, a professional, learning to interact and talk to people from different regions and I know that the skills and memories I have gained at ISBS will serve me well in my upcoming career.




Sumit Rai

It’s been a really great experience being an ISBS student. The studying environment is fabulous with friendly lecturers and a tutor in my opinion, the PGDM course was a most valuable learning experience in my career. It helped pull together my finance, accounting, marketing, and operations knowledge into a coherent picture of how a business operates. Best of all, I came away with some strong insights into your programmes, that I could incorporate immediately into my present job. I feel that I have received full value-added learning from Indira School of business studies (ISBS). The learning environment with instructors that have an excellent background in their field of study, and the smaller classes are leaps and bounds above the oversized classes with teacher’s aids instructing. I really can’t tell you how much your program has helped me look at things differently with more perspective in my work”. I would like others to join ISBS for a bright future.


Doing PGDM at ISBS was a life-changing experience for me. The practical skills backed by academic knowledge have given me the confidence to pursue my goals. The college changes us to fit perfectly into the corporate and business world. The facilities and quality of teaching provide a rewarding learning environment. I would like to mention that during the journey at ISBS, knowingly or un-knowingly life gets a direction, personal goals are set and students have already taken the first step towards future.



INDIRA – My alma mater, my Dronacharya whom I will cherish not because I got placed but because it gave me the mantra of corporate world. I thank each and every family member of this group who gave me the reason to learn, aspire, challenge and face the world with courage. Thank you Indira for everything.



Yogesh Bhangale

Learning at ISBS began with understanding the discipline of time, attire, presentations etc. For the pottery to take a proper shape the clay must be crushed well to avoid any glut. This is what happens at ISBS. You are made to realize the standard this Business School of towering repute, demands in order to become a real Indiraeet
In the initial couple of months we learnt time management, how to handle pressure, presentation skills etc. My confidence, general knowledge and acumen were tested straight on, as we were faced with many challenging activities with stiff deadlines.
Our eyes twinkled with admiration for brilliance when we were introduced to the veteran faculty of ISBS who are not just preachers, but practitioners. Bookish theories were understood with practical industrial happenings and sometimes even rewritten with uncommon perspectives. These stalwarts were giving us learning of 3 decades in 3 hours. We were asked to catch the true flavour of the bazaar by venturing out on the streets to learn marketing and were made to comprehend the implications of numbers in financial statements. All the concepts of Kotler, DFMA, MBWA, and Pokayoke etc. were made to be practiced and experienced during our studies. You’ve got to do it yourself and every Indiraeet learn it the hard way. In the process we learn a great deal of organizing, man management, leadership, decision making etc.
Well, one need not be under such duress if one wishes so. There would always be plenty of time if one purely sticks to an attitude of being “driven by compulsion”. But with the options available, even the laziest of humans would be motivated to be proactive. Some of the umpteen options would be the guest lectures maximising corporate exposure, supremely experienced in-house and visiting faculty, an illustrious alumni base ever-ready to be the guiding lamp to the students, the largely student-driven committees undertaking various activities lending some worthwhile hands-on experience in management. Some of the add on certification at Indira really put you way ahead of the competition and truly helped me at the time of placement. Career development program by Rohit Singh, Personality development classes by ISIL, Workshop on Innovation and sustainability by Roger La Salle are certification to name a few. Quite clearly, one who gets involved in such activities in addition to the absolutely essential academics would be the one to have gained the maximum from his two years at ISBS. That is what my endeavours have been focussed towards, ever since I have been privileged enough to be a part of ISBS. I don’t know where the journey of self-actualisation will lead me to – I don’t really think about it too much – maybe because I know that I am in good hands.


Nandita Maity

Indira is a great place to study and I enjoyed the caring and friendly environment here.I joined this college in June 2012 as a PGDM student, and now if I see myself after 2 long years, successful in my career with a great placement, is all because of this college.
This College helped in making my dreams come true, developing my skills and understanding beyond what I could have hoped for. The lecturers in the College are really professional and helpful. At ISBS, you can be sure of an excellent academic experience; the teaching staff are very supportive and amongst the best in their industry. You can count on them to inspire you to bring out the best in yourself and even the most difficult and intricate topics will be taught with the utmost professionalism. The College offers a dynamic cultural experience with people from all across the country. I would say that studying at ISBS has been one of the best experiences and decisions of my life. I have no hesitation in recommending people to come and study at this prestigious College to build a great future for yourself.


Jasmeet Sodhi

I really enjoyed the program and thankful for the opportunity. ISBS provided me a wide learning platform with resourceful faculties who guided me throughout my two years. ISBS helped me realize my capabilities and today I am well placed in FORCE MOTORS a reflection of the fine education we have received at ISBS. The entire process of dissertation was wonderful and fulfilling experience. Honestly without this I would not have realized what all I have learned and how to apply it in the real life working scenario. I came to know more deeply about how to live life and manage it.


Deepak Kalonia

I am enriched today to say that I got the highest of 20 Top student Package, for this I will be thankful to Indira School Of Business Studies, my faculties, placement cell . Who nourished me to gain knowledge in my specialization , have faith on me, build the confident level on me and apart from curriculum activities they provide me additional platform in the name of CDP to gain more knowledge about my specialization, skills related to it which helped me to gain confident level, to face the corporate interview and placement pressure and clear it with success and helped me to start my next journey of life towards the corporate world with full of enthusiasm and learning spirit. What I am today it’s all because of God’s grace and my right choice of choosing Indira College for my post graduation studies.



It gave me immense pleasure to be a part of Indira. Now when I look back I realize what I was before coming here and what I am today. And it is all because of Indira School of Business Studies which bestowed me with ample opportunities to develop my career as well as my personality. Unlike other b-schools, this institute focuses on over all development of the student. And I will be always thankful to be a part of this institute, as it gave me the golden chance to be associated with multi-national company Nestle today.


Ankur Agrawal

I was made to think like a researcher from Day Zero.In ISBS First year taught me to think like a manager. It also demonstrated that competition can bring upfront both, my bests and my worsts. Yet my second leg of this journey (2nd year) has more than met my expectations-be it in terms of handling work load, comprehending and synthesizing disparate concepts, or even meeting the tough task of doing the tight rope walking between balancing personal life with meeting professional commitments to self. “Its been a great experience being an ISBS student.


Ambar Kumar

Doing my post-graduation with Indira was a life-changing experience for me. Having some experience and finding it difficult to cope up with, I found the course to be of an exceptional quality and easy to follow. Being an international business student and having a chance to travel to Dubai for the first time added to my anxiety. The programme is designed and administered so seamlessly that I not only felt ‘the warm welcome’ but, my faculty and peers became a support system throughout my journey in ISBS as well as a network for life.The programme has a strong International focus where students learn business principles relevant for global world.I thoroughly enjoyed the ISBS experience and will cherish not only the knowledge I gained but also the friendships that I made.The PGDM experience has definitely exceeded my expectations and in my opinion it is not just a step in the right direction but a leap towards your professional goals.Thank you Indira for a great placement.