Sports facility

At ISBS, we give equal importance to Sports and Fitness activities, as given to academics. We firmly believe that a consistent sports and fitness regime helps the students de-stress and increase their concentration levels. To enable this, ISBS has a dedicated Sports Room and access to an on campus gymnasium. Sports sessions are held on every Saturday. Besides this the following events are organised by the students:


This annual intra division tournament gives opportunities to all the students of MBA and PGDM to come together on a common platform to unveil their talent and showcase their sportsmanship and have a healthy competition amongst them. There are various sports events which are held to involve and engage the enthusiastic participants and audience. It’s a two day event which includes various outdoor sports activities like Throw ball, Basketball, Tug-of-war, Football, Badminton, Box Cricket, Volley Ball etc. Indoor games like Carom, Table Tennis, Chess, etc are also included.


‘The harder the battle the sweeter the victory’

– Les Brown

That’s the spirit with which ISBS students participate in its flag-ship event RANNBHUMI every year in March. The event is organised by the members of the Sports Committee ‘INVICTUS’ under the guidance of the Faculty-in Charge.

The event is spread over two days and is one of the most awaited event on campus. Once again the Sports Committee ensures that the event is conducted smoothly. A host of indoor & outdoor games are played ranging from the all-time Soccer and Cricket to Carom and Chess.

The entire campus is abuzz with music, fun and cheers for their respective divisions by the students. The two-day event concludes with prize distribution and along with medals, trophies, certificates the students take home a lot of pleasant memories to cherish.


Learning through experience is a philosophy followed by ISBS. OMT is a unique initiative that imparts various management skills to students. It is a part of the on campus induction programme for 1st year students.

Through OMT many management skills are taught to the students as follows:-

  • Leadership skills
  • Time Management
  • Co-ordination.
  • Planning & Execution
  • Communication
  • Human Resources Management
  • Team Building
  • Out of the Box thinking

During OMT students play various management games such as

  • Sheep and Shepherd
  • Acid Walk
  • Stack on Stack
  • Bucherman walk.

An expert trainer conducts these activities, which the students find unique and engaging and which test their levels of endurance, intelligence, talent, comprehension, physical fitness, team management skills, etc


To ensure holistic development of the mind and body, Yoga sessions are organised periodically to teach the students basic Yoga Asanas, which they can practice at their convenience.