Research publication

Research Publication for Academic Year 2014-15

Sr.No Name of the Faculty Journal/Conferences Details
1 BHARGAVA, D. R. (2015) Assessing the ‘Need of Personalizing CSR Activities’ and Role of HR in  personalization. Abhinavan (pp. 31-37). Pune: Indira School of Business Studies.
3 BHARGAVA, D. R.  (2015). Strategic Role of HR in Corporate Social Responsibility. Abhinavan (pp. 38-47). Pune: Indira School of Business Studies, Pune.
4 DANDE, M.  (2014, Dec). From Corporate to Academics a win-win from all Stakeholders. KHOJ-Journal of Indian Mangement Research & Practices, MIT School of Mangement,Pune, 142-145.
5 DESHPANDE, D. S. (2015, June). Study of Current market Sanario & marketing prospects ageist changing attitude of consumer towards buying Ayurvedic medicine in India. International Journal of Business & management Invention, 48-53.
6 Goyal, D. M.  (2014, June). Insurance Telematics. International Journal of Innovative Research & Development, 72-76.
7  JOG, A.  (2014, Dec). Sahara Saga- A journey through the Indian financial System ( Case Study). 10-13.
8 KULKARNI, S. (2014, 10). Awareness of Managerial effectiveness amongst managers & Sub-ordinates, an Indian Prospective. International Journal of Business & management Innovation, 16-23.
9 KUMAR, C. (2014). Management education relevant to corporate needs. International Conference in Malaysia on Management education (pp. 91-94). PUNE: IMED, BHARTI VIDYAPEETH UNIVERSITY.
10 Kumari, K. (2014). In ‘. G. RESEARCH”, Title of the book “Statistical Analysis & Hypothesis Testing” (pp. 22-41).
11 Kumari, K. (2015, June). Demand Form Management Graduates: Beyond the Curriculum. Electronic International Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 21-24.
12 MANGAONKAR, D. M. (2015, Jan). Effective talent management as an organizational tool to gain competitive advantage. Aarhat Multidisciplinary International Education Reserarch Journal, 83-89.
13 MISTRY, T.  (2015). Impact of e-Marketing on the marketing performance in real state sector in Pune . incon-x2015 (pp. 224-230). pune: ASM,PUNE.
14 MISTRY, T.  Programmatic Buying- The New Algorithm of Web Marketing . INCON-X 2015 (pp. 243-249). PUNE: ASM, PUNE.
15 PUJAR, R. (2014, Aug). Online Grocery shopping subscription-expansion strategy for large retail format. PARIPEX- Indian Journal of Research, 80-83.
16 PUJAR, R. (2014, Jan). Green Buildings Concept and Trends.Innovations: A New Paradigm in Management(pp.271-277)DYPIMS,PUNE
17 SHAH, T.  (2014, July). Why dissatisfied Mobile Consumers don’t switch. International Journal of Research in Business management, 7-15.
18 SINDHU, S. (2014, Dec). Study on Attrition and Retention for BDE at a Private Sector Bank, Pune. International Journal of Research in Commerce & management, 5-15.

Research Papers Published in Journals/ Conferences 2013-14

Sr.No. Name of Faculty Journal/ Conference Details
1 Aswani P. (2013, December). Priorities and perceptions of parents of disabled children and need for better support system from various organization.(pp.) Delhi.
2 Andhrutkar, R., & Charegaonkar, A. (2013, November). A Study And Analysis Of Leadership Behavior As Determinant Of An Effective Performance With Special reference To Information Technology Sector. Research Journal SIBAR, 4, 10-19.
3 Aanand, S. (2014,January), Paradigm Shift in Management Practices in India, (pp.). Pune.
4 Charegaonkar, A (2014,January), A study on analysis of Indian Investors Investing Pattern and Timing. Innovations A new paradigm in Management,(pp.)Pune.
5 Bhargava,R., (2013,November). Use of Information Technology for Talent Acquisition in IT and ITES Sector. International Research journal of Business and Management, 5, 30-39.
6 Dange, P., & Bose, S. K. (2013, July). CSR Measurement In India: A Scale Development Study. Vishwakarma Business Review, 3(2), 56-67.
7 Daudkhane, Y. (2013,November). Yin And Yang – The equal And Opposite Of Business Management. Abhinav-International Research In Management & technology, 2(11),  11-19.
8 Das, R. & Joshi, S. (2013, August). Effectiveness Of Web Ads With Respect To Banking Vocational Courses In Pune Region. International Journal Of Concept Management, 2(8), 01-12.
9 Deshmukh, K. K., & Aswani, P. (2013, November). Perceptions Of Women Employees In The Pvt Sector towards ‘Employee Welfare Programs” For Maintaining Work Life Balance. Applied Mathematics In Engineering, Management And Technology, 2(8), 11-17.
10 Gogoi,B., (2013,December), Antecedents of Customer Satisfaction In A Retail Store Environment and Its Impact On Time Spent And Impulse Buying. International Journal of Management, 4(6), 21-35.
11 Iyer, B., (2014,January), Conversational Marketing: A Word of Mouse (Consumers Perspective), (pp.). Pune.
12 Jog, A., & Napate, S. (2013,September). Retail Banking. Universal Research Analysis, 2(7), 32-38.
13 Joshi, S., (2014,January), A Study on Consumer Behavior towards Model of Shopping, (pp.). Pune.
14 Joshi, S., (2014, January), Return on Shelf Space- Case of organized retail in India. International Journal Of Advanced Research,2(3), 914-920
15 Karnik, N., (2013, August). Work Life Balance: An Act Of Balance. International Journal Of Research & Sudies, 2(8), 1-6.
16 Karnik, N., (2013, September). Impact of the MSMES Performance on Indian Economy, (pp.). Mumbai.
17 Kulkarni, S., & Narkhede, S. (2013, August). Impact Of Leadership Traits On The Effective Performance Of Bank Managers. International Journal of Business Management & Research, 3(3), 159-168.
18 Kulkarni, S., (2013,December) The Need of Proactive Leadership and HR Environment in Public Sector Banks (India) (pp.). Ahmedabad.
19 Kulkarni, S., (2014,January). Emotional Intelligence: An Essential Part of Leadership Effectiveness. International Journal of Research in Business Management, 2(1), 13-22.
20 Kumari, K. (2013, July). Outsourcing Vs. Insourcing: Best For Your Company. International Journal Of Management, 4(4), 65-74.
21 Kumari, K. (2014, Feb.). A shift Paradigm of Consumer towards online shopping. IOSR Journal of Business and Management, 16(3, 90-99.
22 Mangaonkar, M. (2014, January). Significance Of Ethics in Human Resource Management (pp.). Pune.
23 Napate, S. (2013).Discerning Banking Catastrophe. Role Of Financial Services In Growth Of Indian Economy, (pp.). Warangal.
24 Nerlekar, V. (2014,January). Micro Finance-A Catalist of Women Empowerment, (pp.). Nagpur.
25 Patil, K., & Sudame, P. (2013,March). Social Media Marketing. International Journal Of Multidisciplinary Research, 1(12)(7), 22-28.(pp.). Pune.
26 Patil, K., & Sudame, P. (2013,September). Impact of Communication And IT Services On Indian Economy. Strategic Services Marketing In The Comprehensive Market Scenario  – Challenges And Opportunities, (pp. 598-602). Pune.
27 Patil, K., (2013, December). E-Business Impact on Retail Sector. Zenith International Journal of multidisciplinary Research, 3(12), 72-85.
28 Patil, K., & Sudame, P. (2013, October). Content Marketing. International Research Journal Of Commerce, Business & Social Sciences, 2(7)(3), 74-78.
29 Pujar, R., (2014 January), Green Building- Concept and Trends, (pp.). Pune
30 Sabunwala, Z., (2013,November). Impact Of Celebrity Endorsement on Brand Image and Product Purchases-A Study From Pune Region Of India. International Journal Of Research In BusinessManagement,1(6), 37-42.