Rahul Maheshwari

p3Rahul Maheshwari
Learning at ISBS began with understanding the discipline of time, attire, presentations etc. For the pottery to take a proper shape the clay must be crushed well to avoid any glut. This is what happens at ISBS. You are made to realize the standard this Business School of towering repute, demands in order to become a real Indiraeet
In the initial couple of months we learnt time management, how to handle pressure, presentation skills etc. My confidence, general knowledge and acumen were tested straight on, as we were faced with many challenging activities with stiff deadlines.
Our eyes twinkled with admiration for brilliance when we were introduced to the veteran faculty of ISBS who are not just preachers, but practitioners. Bookish theories were understood with practical industrial happenings and sometimes even rewritten with uncommon perspectives. These stalwarts were giving us learning of 3 decades in 3 hours. We were asked to catch the true flavour of the bazaar by venturing out on the streets to learn marketing and were made to comprehend the implications of numbers in financial statements. All the concepts of Kotler, DFMA, MBWA, and Pokayoke etc. were made to be practiced and experienced during our studies. You’ve got to do it yourself and every Indiraeet learn it the hard way. In the process we learn a great deal of organizing, man management, leadership, decision making etc.
Well, one need not be under such duress if one wishes so. There would always be plenty of time if one purely sticks to an attitude of being “driven by compulsion”. But with the options available, even the laziest of humans would be motivated to be proactive. Some of the umpteen options would be the guest lectures maximising corporate exposure, supremely experienced in-house and visiting faculty, an illustrious alumni base ever-ready to be the guiding lamp to the students, the largely student-driven committees undertaking various activities lending some worthwhile hands-on experience in management. Some of the add on certification at Indira really put you way ahead of the competition and truly helped me at the time of placement. Career development program by Rohit Singh, Personality development classes by ISIL, Workshop on Innovation and sustainability by Roger La Salle are certification to name a few. Quite clearly, one who gets involved in such activities in addition to the absolutely essential academics would be the one to have gained the maximum from his two years at ISBS. That is what my endeavours have been focussed towards, ever since I have been privileged enough to be a part of ISBS. I don’t know where the journey of self-actualisation will lead me to – I don’t really think about it too much – maybe because I know that I am in good hands.

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