PGDM General 18-20 Course Outline


Particulars Semester I Semester II Semester III Semester IV Total Number of Subjects Total Credits Total Marks
Generic Core 9 5 5 1 20 52 1600
Specialization Core 5 4 3 12 36 1200
Electives 2 2 2 06 12 300
Total Number of Subjects 9 12 11 6 38
Total Credits 25 32 28 15 100
Total Marks 800 1000 850 450 3100

Each Student has to complete 100 Credits to qualify for certification in the following manner:

a)  20 core Courses amounting to 52 Credits are compulsory for all students regardless of specialization.

b)  Student would opt for specialization in Semester-II and has to complete all the 12 core specialization courses amounting to 36 Credits.

c)   The remaining 12 credits he/she has to complete by opting for the specified number of electives from the set of electives being offered.

Assessment Pattern:

The evaluation is based on credit points allocated to subjects which are either 3 credit or 2 credit courses with a 3 credit Summer Internship Program (SIP). Marks are allocated on the basis of theoretical as well as practical subject knowledge. For a full credit subject 60 marks are allocated for final written examination and 40 marks are allocated on the basis of continuous internal evaluation of the performance of the student in the subject throughout the semester, which comprise case studies, presentation, field works, objectives tests and written assessments, etc. For a half credit subject internal evaluation of 50 marks is based on case studies, presentation, field works, objectives tests etc. A judicious mix of internal continuous evaluation and external assessment has been adopted to ensure that students get a consistent and fair assessment for their performance in a subject.

Grading Pattern:

Definition of Grade

Percentage Range
Minimum Maximum Grade Grade Points Description of Grade
0 49.99 F 0 Fail
50 54.99 C 1 Satisfactory
55 59.99 B 2 Average
60 64.99 B+ 3 Good
65 69.99 A 4 Very Good
70 74.99 A+ 5 Excellent
75 100 O 6 Outstanding

The student performance would finally culminate into CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) which would be calculated as under

Specialization Offered:

Students of PGDM are provided with 3 choices for their specialization, via: Human Resource Management, Marketing and Finance.