Personality Development Program

Language Leadership Lab
Indira School of Business Studies focuses not only on imparting knowledge on various technical domains but also lays high emphasis on improving Communication skills of students. Language Leadership Program works on students to improve their Spoken English skills& and Soft skills so that they can communicate effectively in various situations. It prepares students in Reading, Speaking, listening and writing skills in English Language.

These sessions are extensive, highly result oriented and are conducted by highly experienced trainer.

To accomplish the objective, ISBS has well equipped audio- visual ; “English LAB” with latest technology to enhance interactive learning. The LAB has software that helps students learn and grade themselves on various parameters.

The LAB is developed on the methodology of Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading skills.

It has following interactive modules:

  • Audio recording for assessing one’s speech.
  • Vocabulary Building modules.
  • Self-Paced Reading Exercises
  • Interactive quizzes.
  • Listening Exercises

Soft Skill Development
Besides communication skills, ISBS aims to nuture and empower its future managers with domain knowledge, by sharpening appropriate soft skills to meet ever changing needs of modern globalized business. Programs are process driven with content standardization, validation of execution and appropriate trainer selection as per the relevant skills.

The Program includes input on:

  • Goal Setting and Career Planning
  • ‘Positive Thanking and Motivation.
  • iTime Management, People Skills, Business Etiquettes
  • Personal Grooming & Hygiene and many more

Students Mentoring
ISBS firmly believes in molding the future managers by providing personal guidance in their development. Towards this end, a mentoring program has been institutionalized to counsel them on the key attitudes that they need to focus on to become effective managers and future leaders. The program also covers issues connected with the recruitment and selection process of managers and how the students can confidently face such processes.