International tour


 The philosophy of ISBS behind providing International Business Exposure Program (IBEP) to the management students is to align student’s business acumen with the global business environment.

 This unique Business Exposure Program to international destinations of business prominence such as Dubai (UAE) and Singapore helps to immerse students in another world culture. The experience exposes students to the challenges and opportunities faced by organizations around the world. It also extends the global awareness of students and enhances their international perceptions and perspectives as Future Managers.

 Each tour provides students with unique opportunities to explore the daily operations of global organizations and contextualize the key management themes studied on the program. Students attend a series of taught seminars and attend on-site company visits to investigate the role of companies within different sectors and the business culture prevalent for the region. Students are exposed to a wide variety of subjects such as Sales Excellence, Doing Business in a Global Environment, Innovation Management and Human Resource Management. Students also gain valuable insight into the contemporary business landscape through company visits and guided tours.