IBEP 2016

The philosophy of IGI behind providing International Business Exchange Program (IBEP) to the management students is, with India aligning itself with the world economy, we are no longer cocooned in our own shell, unaffected by the world outside. Since the world has become a global village now, economic and financial activity in one part of the world can affect the rest of the world as we have been witnessing over the past few years.

Getting to know the foreign systems and cultures also gives an insight into how best India and Indian business can help them in achieving growth, while our own corporates can bring in through exports, much needed resources into India for us to continue to grow. Students thus observe that visits to countries of strategic importance to India can create a win-win situation for both the entities, while bringing the countries closer in their thinking, cooperation and shared objectives.

Yet, the greatest benefit of visiting foreign shores is for the young population represented by students, who will meet with the youth of the countries they visit and exchange ideas and find areas of common interest, forging a lasting relationship with them. This will surely provide a platform for upcoming business executives and entrepreneurs to build a future that brings opportunities for consistent growth and cultural substance to our country.