Day 1: Started with an Introduction session by Dr. Rakhi Sharma (Head – Department of Management Studies – Jai Hind College, Mumbai) to the Entrepreneurship Educator Program.

Part 1- was self-discovery wherein assessing and building entrepreneurial style was discussed.

Part 2 – was idea generation, mind mapping and brainstorming were discussed through the

D- Drive

I – Include

S – Separate

R- Repurpose

U- Unite

P- Personalize

T- Transplant Model

Part-3 – was idea evaluation wherein the decision Matrix analysis and paired comparison analysis was discussed and activities were conducted on both these models which helped in letter understanding of how different ideas could be compared and analyzed and best idea amongst them identified.

Day 2: started with Entrepreneurial outlook where Effectuation was discussed and 2 models bird in hand and affordable loss used. There was an activity on customer discovery where: Find your Niche, Consumption chain, Alternative and ODI were discussed in relation to ideas selected by participants.

Day 3: started with a discussion on value proposition and fit where participants worked on canvas in regards to the idea each had selected. Participants were also taught how to use the Assignment, Mapping the consumption chain, when interviewing customers through the four actions framework.

Refining value proposition was discussed through the blue ocean strategy. Participants were also taught how to design the minimum viable product(MVP).

There was a small discussion on prototyping and practicum program before the session was wrapped.