Students Engagement

Career Development Programs (CDP)
At Indira, we strongly believe that corporate career building demands scientific grooming of students, leading to holistic development of students in addition to academic input. In order to mould productive and result oriented managers of the future, we conduct the Career Development Program, which is taught concurrently along with the main program. Under these programs trainers of repute conduct regular sessions to train the students in the rigor of corporate environment.

CDP by Corporate Trainers:
Under this initiative eminent business personalities conduct skill enhancing workshops with the students. ISBS has collaborated with Stratecent Consulting, which conducts result based Leadership Development Program spread over a period of one year. On successful completion of the program, the students are graded and certified by Stratecent Consulting based on their performance. It inculcates the following skills in the students:
• System Thinking
• Problem Solving
• Team Building
• Decision Making
• IT and Business
• Strategic Thinking
• Best Practices
• Sales and Consultative Selling Skills
Online Training in General Awareness, Domain Knowledge and Aptitude:
These skills are an integral requirement for prospective management trainees and compose the preliminary short listing criteria during campus recruitment. ISBS offers continuous online training and evaluation of students on these skill sets.

Psychometric Testing:
Students undergo psychometric testing by certified agencies, such as Stratecent Consulting Group. This enables the students to identify their area of strength and also helps the students to realize the functional area in which their aptitude lies.

Collaboration with Corporate Bodies:
ISBS has membership with Bodies representing Industry and has successfully collaborated with them in various initiatives.
ISBS has collaboration with corporate bodies such as:
• Mahrashtra Chamber of Commerce Industries& Agriculture, Pune (MCCIA).
• Confederation of Indian Industries-Young Indians, Pune (Cll-Yi)
• National Human Resource Development Pune,Chapter (NHRD)
• Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME)
• Education Promotion Society of India (EPSI)
• National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN)
• Pune Management Association (PMA)

Guest Faculty from Industry:
Guest Speakers from Industry are invited regularly to share their valuable experiences in various fields with the students. This enables students to understand and relate the complexity of business with the conceptual knowledge imparted in the institute.


Term Projects:
The term project is appropriately termed as “Know Your Globe” (KYG) and is administered to the students in semester I (KYG – I) and semester II (KYG – II). These projects are designed in a manner to develop the International Business Knowledge Quotient (IBKQ) and also improve Generic Skill Quotient (GSQ) like Report Writing, Developing and Delivering PowerPoint Presentations, Brouchure Designing, Structured Display of Information, Team Working etal.

A bridge building activity to cater to the expectations of the industry from the management graduates, ISBS provides the students with a skill development activity called “OZONE”. The industry experts train the students on their interview skills, group discussions and summer internship project presentation. In this program the students are given an insight on how they can portray the applicability of their project work in organisation that they would be joining.

Indira School of Business Studies (ISBS) has imbibed in its curriculum on line teaching methodology as an essential part of curriculum. ISBS has formed an alliance with iBizSim.
iBizSim is an acronym for International Business Simulations. The business simulation covers all aspects of manufacturing products and marketing them internationally. Exchange rate fluctuations used in the simulation, for example, reflect real-world situations in international markets. iBizSim is a teaching tool that faculty use as the core of any specific business course covering Marketing, Operations, Purchasing, Finance, International Business, and/or Strategy and Planning. It is usually used in an integrative, capstone business course, in which the company is depicted as a complex, integrated whole, comprised of the different divisions and departments working together in well-defined ways. It is a learning-by-doing tool in which to manage a simulated company. It enables the theoretically, to learn how to define goals and strategies, to implement develop controlling systems to evaluate the performance of the simulated company they are managing.


Certified Course on Innovation Management
The new generation of successful business leaders will be those who can identify the trends and break through opportunities before they happen. Such envision led Indira School of Business Studies (ISBS), Pune, to introduce certified course in Innovation Management, for its’Business Management students, by inviting business stalwarts from International Business who have successfully managed innovation in their field.
The course Harnessing Creativity & Innovation is a practical course on individual creative thinking as well as managing creativity in a group setting. The pace of change” in business today is faster than ever and accelerating.
ISBS successfully launched the initiation of such course in 2008, with “Igeniou” and its mentor Mr Titus Young, from Singapore. Mr Titus Yong is the Director, Ingeniou Pvt Ltd, Singapore visited the ISBS campus to conduct a certified training program on Harnessing Creativity & Innovation with ISBS students. This is a practical course on individual creative thinking as well as managing creativity in a group setting.
ISBS completed its successive courses in Innovation Management from the year 2009 to 2013, with the globally acclaimed Mr Roger La Salle. “La Salle Matrix Thinking®” principally governs the approach to creativity, innovation and finding of business opportunities. The course covers aspects of innovations in a highly simulated environment in areas of Business Development, Innovation and Opportunity, Sales and Marketing, R&D and Executive Team Building. Roger La Salle is a professional engineer, successful business entrepreneur and an international expert of business innovation, who brings with him a lifetime of experience and successful business creation.

Industry Visits
ISBS imparts training to students through visits to the industry. The value additional comes by way of observing the processes within organizations ad discussions with representatives of the organization.
Such experiences have a lasting impact i the memory of students. The following companies were visited by our Students in the year 2012-13.
Kimberly Clark,
Praj Industries,
Suzlon Energy
Kalyai Steel
United Breweries Ltd.
Honeywell Turbo Technologies
Garware Wallropes Ltd.
Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust
General Motors India Pvt. Ltd.

Personality Development Program

Language Leadership Lab
Indira School of Business Studies focuses not only on imparting knowledge on various technical domains but also lays high emphasis on improving Communication skills of students. Language Leadership Program works on students to improve their Spoken English skills& and Soft skills so that they can communicate effectively in various situations. It prepares students in Reading, Speaking, listening and writing skills in English Language.
These sessions are extensive, highly result oriented and are conducted by highly experienced trainer.
To accomplish the objective, ISBS has well equipped audio- visual ; “English LAB” with latest technology to enhance interactive learning. The LAB has software that helps students learn and grade themselves on various parameters.
The LAB is developed on the methodology of Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading skills.
It has following interactive modules:
• Audio recording for assessing one’s speech.
• Vocabulary Building modules.
• Self-Paced Reading Exercises
• Interactive quizzes.
• Listening Exercises

Soft Skill Development
Besides communication skills, ISBS aims to nuture and empower its future managers with domain knowledge, by sharpening appropriate soft skills to meet ever changing needs of modern globalized business. Programs are process driven with content standardization, validation of execution and appropriate trainer selection as per the relevant skills.
The Program includes input on:
• Goal Setting and Career Planning
• ‘Positive Thanking and Motivation.
• iTime Management, People Skills, Business Etiquettes
• Personal Grooming & Hygiene and many more

Students Mentoring
ISBS firmly believes in molding the future managers by providing personal guidance in their development. Towards this end, a mentoring program has been institutionalized to counsel them on the key attitudes that they need to focus on to become effective managers and future leaders. The program also covers issues connected with the recruitment and selection process of managers and how the students can confidently face such processes.