Workshop/Seminar/Faculty Development Programme Organized at ISBS Name of the FDP Date For Which Institute/Corporate/ Faculty Topic covered Resource Person
1. Workshop on Research Methodology 14/12/2016 Faculty members of ISBS Objective of the workshop was to deliberate on Research methodology, Types of research, Framing of objectives and other valuable inputs on the analytical aspects of writing Dr. N.M. Vechalekar
2. Digital Marketing Workshop 8/12/2016 Faculty members of ISBS Objective of the workshop was to introduce the participants with vaious technical terms used in digital marketing along with the information for making blogs. Mr. Rahul Shelwante
3. Neuro Linguistic Programming 6/12/2016 to 7/12/2016 Faculty members of ISBS Objective of the Training was to introduce faculties to various programmings of our mind and finding out the ways to make life more beautiful and stress free through various techniques. Dr. Yogesh Daudkhane
4. EBSCO 5/12/2016 Faculty members of ISBS Objective was to familarize everyone with the various database available at EBSCO that can be helpful to the teachers and students in their respective fields of study. Mr. Edwin Thomas
5. Writing a technically correct Research Paper 21/10/2016 Faculty members of ISBS The wokshop emphasized on the importance of objectivity and clarity of research work to be done by authors. He provided deep insights into various essential aspects of writing a research paper. Dr. Satish Ubale
6. International Yoga Day 21/10/2016 Faculty members of ISBS The programme introduced everyone to Pranayama, Chanting of Omkara and various Yogasanas. This was followed by a Quiz Competition which challanged and increased the awareness of Yoga amongst all the participants Ms. Shobha Pophalkar
7. Financial Modelling 20/09/2016 to 24/09/2016 Faculty members of ISBS The workshop helped faculty members to interpret financial data of projects and companies and prepare financial models on the basis of the same. Importance of Excel functions and application of various financial concepts to build financial models was also discussed. Prof. Sameer Gunjal
8. HR Matrix Certification Program 27/02/2016 Faculty members of ISBS This was related to the qunatification of the functions of employees and can be used in various areas of HR • HR metrics are a vital way to quantify the cost and the impact of employee programs and HR processes and measure the success (or failure) of HR initiatives. They enable a company to track year-to year-trends and changes in these critical variables. Mr. Sumit Joshi
9. GM-Learning Unbound Effective Teaching Methodology 2/11/2015 Faculty members of ISBS The workshop was related to various teaching methodologies for effective learning. Various topics were related to Experiential Learning (Kolbs cycle), Know Your Temperament and Dealing With Different Learning Preferences. Mr. Rajesh Trivedi
10. Data Analytics 18/08/2015 to 20/08/2015 Faculty members of ISBS This program was a combination of classroom and Technology aided learning platform focussing on developing new insights and understanding of business performance based on data and statistical methods Mr. Mohan Rai