Colors of ISBS

“Self Defence Techniques Workshop for Women” Conducted by – Trikaya Chenna

“Woman” ……”One of the most beautiful creation of God”
In today’s dynamic world, females are empowered, strong, courageous and working in all the fields, despite this fact, safety and security of women is still a concern. Taking this into account, “Internal Complaint Committee” of Indira School of Business Studies organised Practical Workshop on “Self Defence Techniques for Women” by Trikala Chenna, Director of National Campaigns @ Global Support Organisation, Greater London, United Kingdom.

National Conference on Digitization & Innovation

Indira School of Business Studies organized National Conference on Digitization & Innovation in association with Savitribai Phule Pune University on 18th -20th January, 2018. The conference brought together wide range of speakers from all arenas – entrepreneurship, business, corporates, alumina, higher education, and others to share their experiences, to learn from one another through panel discussions the future generation of digitization & innovations. The ceremony started with the arrival of the Chief Guest Mr Amit Gangal, Principal partner, Education & Competency Development, KPIT. The conference also brought together participants from different states who greatly enjoyed the chance to meet like-minded people from so many arenas, the opportunity to network and to learn from one another, and the chance to explore ideas.


Indira School of Business Studies hosted VIth International Research Conference ABHINAVAN 2018 on 20th January 2018 Saturday at its Universe Campus. The theme for this year’s conference was ‘Start-up India – A Spectrum of Sustainable Opportunities’. Dr. Anand Kurian from Management Development Institute of Singapore was the Chief Guest for the conference. Dr Kaustubh Dhargalkar -Founder Potentials & Possibilities, Dr. Vikas Joshi – Founder Harbinger Group & Dr Ravindra Utgikar – VP Praj Industries were amongst the key speakers. Various other experts from industry and academia shared their stories and experiences with the students and inspired them for taking up the challenges of entrepreneurship. Our Group Director – Prof Chetan Wakalkar and Director Dr. Renu Bhargava motivated students with their inspirational remarks. The Conference planning committee, Dr. Suvarna Deshpande – Conference Convenor and Prof Tanay Kurode – Conference Coordinator successfully organised the whole event with the help of all the faculty members, which was well received by all the audience.

‘BUDGET BUZZ 2018’ BY FINOVATE-The Finance Club

“Creativity involves breaking out of established pattern in order to look at things in different way” – Edward De Bono.

Where creativity joins hands with learning, there comes the ‘Budget Buzz’ competition of FINOVATE. The young emerging finance professionals did a fabulous job in creating wonderful collages & making insightful presentations on the Union budget in an impactful way.

“Business in the Era of i 4.0-The 4th Industrial Revolution” – By Prof. Chetan Wakalkar”

“Business in the Era of i 4.0-The 4th Industrial Revolution” – By Prof. Chetan Wakalkar
Our Group Director, Prof Chetan Wakalkar had conducted the session on “Business in the Era of i 4.0-The 4th Industrial Revolution” on 31st August 2017.
The Fourth industrial revolution is the revolution of the current era, which is happening with the fusion of physical, digital and biological paradigms, impacting numerous disciplines and industries, and economies.
Prof Chetan highlighted that in any revolution, society and citizens of that era are the beneficiaries and the ones that are affected. 4th industrial revolution is special for our generation, as it is going change the societal fabric of our times. Unlike the previous ones, this industrial revolution has larger impacts on us from technological, biological, economic, societal and ethical perspective. This revolution will lead to many business and job opportunities.

“Foundation Day Celebration”

Indira Group of Institutes has crossed one more milestone as it celebrated its 23rd year of excellence on 4th September 2017 with great zeal and enthusiasm.

The celebration started with ‘Ganesh Vandana’ act. Our Chairperson Dr Tarita Shankar addressed the Dignitaries, Faculties and the students. The HODs’ of various departments, faculty members, staffs and students graced the ceremony with their presence and celebrated the special day reflecting the beginning of the college and its significant development since the inception. Students of Indira Group had performed entertaining acts and musicals.

“Goods & Services Tax (GST)” – By Mr. Rishabh Parakh”

ISBS had organised a Guest Lecture on Goods & Services Tax (GST) for PGDM students on 2nd September 2017.

The guest speaker, Mr. Rishabh Parakh, who is Chartered Accountant and Founder & Chief Gardener of Money Plant Consultancy, discussed the insights of the GST in unique way and made it so simple to understand its benefits to the Indian Tax system & implications on economy.


“Ordinary to Extraordinary” – By Mr Minochar Patel

IISBS students witnessed the super energetic 2 Days Certification Program “Ordinary to Extraordinary” by India’s Leading Motivation Speaker & Corporate Trainer, Success & Image Coach of International Repute, Mr Minocher Patel, Founder Director, Ecole Solitaire.

In these two days, Mr. Patel had touched many motivational and personality development topics such as
1. Definition Of Success – When Opportunity Meets Preparation
2. Become Ambitious
3. Development of Soft Skills
4. Enjoy Relationship
5. Believe in Yourself
6. Positive Thinking
7. Goal Setting & Career Planning

He shared lots of live examples and cases. This session was full of activities such as role plays, mind games, etc. Students had actively participated and enjoyed it lot. This session was really priceless for the students.

Mr Patel, also distributed his well-known “Ordinary to Extraordinary” Book‘s copies amongst students followed by Participation Certificate.

These two days were full of entertainment, enlightenment and encouragement for students and Mr Patel inspired them to achieve their life goals.

“Induction Program PGDM – Aagaz 2017 & MBA – Prarambh 5.0″

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ISBS welcomed its new Batch of 2017-19 PGDM & MBA students on 4th August 2017. We were fortunate to have Mr. Sunil Kashikar, VP HR Zensar Technologies as Chief Guest for the session. The formal Induction program was graced by the presence of Respected madam Dr. Tarita Shankar , Prof. Chetan Wakalkar Sir & Dr. Renu Bhargava Madam. They guided students upon how to prepare for dynamic corporate environment, how to become heroes in daily life, law of attraction & power of the Mind…

Once again a very warm welcome to all the students at ISBS !!

“Making it Happen” – Life and Career in today’s Hyperactive Environment – Dr.  R L. Bhatia

Dr. R L. Bhatia conducted an interactive workshop on “Making it Happen” – Life and Career in today’s Hyperactive Environment for PGDM students of ISBS 2017 batch. The workshop was conducted at Dhruv Auditorium at Indira Universe Campus on 18th July 2017 for full day.

Dr Renu Bhargava, Director ISBS welcomed Dr Bhatia with a sampling and a memento. The program started with student’s interaction on changes happening in the Global Environment. This was followed by Career Management lessons for the students. These were focussed on choice of career path, SWOT, interests of students. He gave insights about job interviews to the students.

He concluded with the reasons of career failures, importance of upgrading knowledge and skills. He discussed about cultures and their importance In Business. His program was highly interactive. He gave books to appreciate the students. Learning was made interesting by use of appropriate AV’s supplemented with practical examples.

Welcome and Introduction of Induction Program: AAGAZ 2017

The Induction program for the 2017-19 batch of PGDM students started on 11th July 2017. The registration process for the students started at 9.00 am. The students were given folders containing the Induction schedule and the rules book. After registration the students were taken on a guided tour of ISBS premises. The program started with the recital of Indian National Anthem. This was followed by a short AV clipping showing the journey of Indira group and Indira School of Business Studies.

Dr. Renu Bhargava, Director ISBS welcomed the students of 2017-19 batch. She talked about becoming good responsible citizens and the role of holistic development of students. Dr. Shraddha Kulkarni, Deputy Director ISBS briefed them about the induction program AAGAZ and the schedule. All Departmental HODs introduced themselves and all the faculty members.

This formal welcome and introduction program was followed with the issue of Guidelines of further activities by Professor Shikha.



Celebration of “3rd International Yoga Day” on 21st June 2017

“Asata ma sadgamaya
Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya
mrtyorma amrtam gamaya”
Lead us from unreal to Real, lead us from darkness to the light. Lead us from the fear of death, To the knowledge of Immortality.


With the above prayer in our hearts and adhering to healthy initiative of the Ministry of Ayush, Indira School of Business Studies (ISBS) celebrated the “3rd International Yoga Day on 21st June 2017” in ISBS. We are fortunate to have a trained and a certified Yoga Practitioner in ISBS itself who conducted the Yogasana’s on 21st June 2017 from 10.00 am to 12.30 pm.

All the teaching and non-teaching staff of ISBS was present and participated for the Yoga day celebrations at 1st Floor Seminar Hall. Specially designed Yoga T- shirts were provided to the participants. The Attendance for the event was compulsory for all the staff and faculty members.

Our Group Director and Director- ISBS shared their views on International Yoga day and benefits of Yoga. Our respected Director Dr. Renu Bhargava shared secrets about fitness, stress free and healthy way of life. She also noted that we must be proud that India has introduced celebration of International Yoga Day in the world.  Our Trainer Ms. Shobha Pophalkar taught lessons with practical yoga postures. Prof. Tausif Mistry arranged the event and conducted quiz competition after Yoga session among four different groups. Team 2 was declared winner and awarded a gift at the hands of the Director-ISBS.

 The effort of everyone who participated was appreciated towards the Yoga day celebration. The effort of  administration  department at ISBS was flawless, and the trainer Ms Shobha provided the much needed encouragement and support for all to engage in effective  yoga exercises.

We are happy to say “Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success”, we experienced it today. It was indeed one of the many memorable successful events at ISBS wherein everyone contributed to ensure we do justice to the celebration of 3rd International Yoga day.

Farewell to 2015-17 Batch

We bid “good bye” to our beloved 2015-17 Batch in April 2017 as their journey of 2 years at ISBS ended, on a beautiful note. Directors and all faculties wished the students  best for their future. Students danced to drum beats , exchanged notes and take away happy memories!!


ISBS belives in holistic development of the students on campus by providing them with muliple opportunities to hone their talent. Take a peep into the life on campus at ISBS.